“… They Should Never Had Said Yes …” 100WC T3W10

Who was ‘they’? What did they say yes to? What was the offer? What did this all mean? I had found this mysterious note at my front door at 3:00am in the morning. I stared at it curiously, looking perplexed. I knew it had something to do with me and my last break-in mystery. You see, I’m a spy. I work for Bad Bananaz (yes, with a z) Supermarket A.K.A. Secret Spy Agency. I am their top spy, so sure the note was meant for me. Then I saw the rest of the sheet, but I still was attracted to the sentence “… They Never Shoud Have Said Yes …”

100WC Week 9

Ouch! My head hurts! Ewwww! What’s this straw thingy? It looks like…… hay? Wait a minute! Wait a second! I’m in a hay roll! Aaahhhhh! Okay. Calm down. I can sort this out, right? Okay. Let’s roll to the left a bit, then the right, and then…… oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I’m rolling down a hill, and now I’m…… in water? What is going on? What am I doing in a lake, and most importantly, what has happened to my miserable life? Once I’m out farming, and the next thing I know, I’m in a hay roll in the water!

Dan #3


After dinner I was brought to Lieutenants tent because I had stolen the Governors dog and I had disobeyed orders by leaving my post. I was so nervous as I was being brought to his tent. He said he was very disappointed in me and he had no choice but to give me a flogging at dawn.


The next day, I was brought to the bushes to build the triangle with Goodwin. Just then, Waruwi came and brought a gift, which was a puppy. Goodwin was surprised and exclaimed that I’m in enough trouble already.


After that, Lieutenant Roberts came, ready for the flogging. Right then, I explained that I had swapped the puppy for something better. Goodwin agreed with me, but right away, Lieutenant shushed him. Then I showed him the puppy. I told him that it was a gift from the Natives. Every soldier started saying here here. Finally, Lieutenant Roberts agreed, and he congratulated me on my efforts. Well, at least I didn’t have punishment after all!

100WC Week 6


I was so scared, being on a lonely ice-berg, in who-knows-where. I tried calling out to my mother, but soon I gave up trying. I saw a fisherman and he was talking to this guy. I heard him say that there was a polar bear on an ice-berg, which probably was me. I tried swimming with my arms, legs, on my back and on my stomach, but it was no use. In the end I ended up laying on my back. I thought I saw a sting-ray, but now I know I wasn’t dreaming. Stingrays are known to help people, so I was in luck!

Dan #2


Today, I tried to teach Lauther how to fetch on the beach next to camp, but Lieutenant Roberts stopped me straight away. He said that if I don’t tie Lauther up right now then he would nail my hide to a tree, so I did what he said.

After I tied Lauther up, I had a talk with Goodwin. He was the only who really understood how homesick I felt. He too also got put in the military when he was young, so he knows just how I feel. I explained to Goodwin that the Governor clearly explained that we should only take something from the neighbouring natives if we compensate (give them something in return )them.

Soon in my tent, I started collecting things for Waruwi to compensate, like some wool and a needle, a dice and a badge. But I realised that wasn’t enough.

Quickly but slowly, I went up to the Cook, where I asked for some drippings for my boots because I had “sore” feet. The cook told me that I would be eating my own boots if we waste any more food. Besides, he also told me that there was no food there fit to eat (not true). Then, I stole some drippings that were supposed to be for my “sore feet”for Waruwi. The Cook said to give some rations to the Lieutenant.

When I went to the beach where the Lieutenant was standing with his telescope, he said to put the rations in his bag. So I put the rations in his bag. He gave me his telescope to put in his bag, but instead I collected it for Waruwi. Then Lieutenant Roberts declared we were going to the pier. He told me to start banging on the marines, then he told the soldiers to start marching.

Dan #1


Already when I was walking, the dingo followed me around. Immediately, the captain noticed, and he walked up to me. He asked if that was a native dingo following me. I answered with a yes sir, like all soldiers do. Then he went on with how fine the dingo was. I answered once more with a yes sir. Then he spoke about how the governor needed a watch dog like that. Then he exclaimed to the soldiers that they were going to catch a native dingo. All the soldiers replied with yes sir, just like I did before. Now, all the soldiers except me.


Jake and I were sent on a mission to capture and take the native dingo. I tried to reason with Jake that the dingo might belong to someone already. He tried to also reason with me. He said that maybe they don’t belong to someone and they just hang around them. I exclaimed that that was just stupid. Then he told me to shush. I asked what he had heard. Jake ordered to go that way quickly because he had heard a growl. Already, I knew this would go wrong. Immediately, I had to warn Waruwi!


Already, I appeared behind the big trunk on the tree, careful not to step on the roots, trip and fall. I had called out Waruwi. All of a sudden, Waruwi jumped from the giant trees long branch, and stood behind me. I tried to warn Waruwi that they were coming for her dingo, but she just thought I was playing around with her. Clearly, there was a big language barrier between us.


Then, the soldiers found me, so I tied up the dog. Then, I brought it back to camp. Captain told me to look after it. But just then, Waruwi started throwing rocks. Everyone thought we were under attack, so everyone alerted the Captain.

Historical Fiction 2 Elizabeth Haywood


I’m Elizabeth Haywood, and I’m 13. I was an apprentice to a shoe-maker, and  I stole a bonnet and a shawl to make a living. Immediately I was sent to jail from stealing. I took a wrong choice and I messed up.

The jail was filled with loads like me, poor and hungry.  All of a sudden, they didn’t have anymore room for me in jail, so I was sent on a ship with about 700 people on board, with 17 children included. Some kids encountered diseases along with them, as well as the weather being hot and humid, with pests and water rationing.

After a while , we stopped in Rio de Janeiro, South America. It took us 6 months to get to New South Wales, and when we did, 20 of us didn’t survive. I wasn’t very familiar with New South Wales, and it looked strange and different, but it was okay.

In the blink of an eye, we were sent to work hard in New South Wales. I was sent to sew clothes and cloth together. It was hard work. Every night I thought of home, and how much better it was here in New South Wales. I kind of like it. When my sentence is over, I might stay here, who knows?

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…But When I Looked Behind Me…


My locket. My precious, precious locket. Lost and gone forever. How could I be such a fool to lose something as precious as this. “My mums gonna kill me!” I said. “Well, It’s not THAT bad!”. That was Ariel, my best friend, and when I say best, I MEAN best. We’ve been friends ever since the day she helped me when I grazed my knee, and let me remind you it was in kindergarten. Anyway, Ariel told me this “Look behind you! NOW!” I did, …but when I looked behind me… It was there!!! My golden locket! All this time!

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